Thursday, 10 May 2012

SHAR Photography : Our Journey to Capture India

In the journeys of our life, lot has been lost recently, also a lot of things we have gained. In past few months certainly our lives have changed. It is may be the results of these changes we at SHAR decided to bring this concept “Our Journey to Capture India” a Journey to  Find Love.

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Shiv (Head Photographer, SHAR Photography)

Arnav (Head Photographer, SHAR Photography)
Mohit (Manager, SHAR Photographer)

Even though we stay in the capital city of Delhi, a place we walk, run and drive, we decided to start this journey From the City of Love, The Agra. Random it may be was our decision to go there, but surely The City welcomed us (at 01:00 a.m.{As we all say City Never Sleeps}) with a cool breeze and it was a matter of time we started this beautiful journey to find Love, Life and Destiny.

1. The Agra City

(A view of 'THE TAJ Mahal' from 'The Red Fort', Agra )
Agra surely is a Hot City, but also there’s a different kind coolness to it, once you enter this city all you will find is a monument this city calls it mine. Why shouldn’t it be? Because of it, everything here seems as if it does not matter. Aroma of Love fills your heart and rest seems to be pointless. Yes, The Taj Mahal is what we are talking about, An Example of Architectural Genius, built under the Reign of The Great King the Shahjahan. Of late, there is a lot mystery surrounding the purpose of building this monument , but this Wonder of Earth is surely is a symbol of Love of to us and to lot of other people, who believe in it. 

The Shade of the Tree That Provided Some Coolness when Standing in a Queue for the Entry Tickets, The Taj Mahal

North Gate, The Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal, Agra
Pool Of The Taj Mahal
This was how our journey started and ended at the City of Love. Hope you enjoyed the journey of this beautiful city of India. Stay tunned for more cities.....


  1. Good job dude. Keep posting..

  2. Thank you So Much Shuru, keep visiting our blog coming up with new city, this Novemeber